Peel - The Thinnest iPad Case Around

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Peel is an iPhone case brand that is getting bigger by the day, up until recently their range of products just consisted of iPhone cases. Well now they've branched out to iPad cases and they were kind enough to send us a couple to test out.


We've covered Peel a couple of times now on UltraLinx, both in a review of their iPhone case and in our 9 Perfectly Minimal iPhone Cases collection.

A lot that was said about their iPhone case can be said about their iPad one, I was (stupidly) skeptical at first about how thin the Peel case could actually look on a device that's a lot bigger than the iPhone - well it turns out it's hardly noticeable. A perfectly minimal addition to protect your iPad from daily wear and tear.

Granted, a case of this size isn't going to protect it from big drops or reckless behaviour. If you want that you can go ahead and buy something that's going to make your 7mm iPad look like an old CRT monitor.

The Peel case does it's job well, while looking subtle and classy. It's what a good iPad case of it's price should be. It's also branding free, that's enough reason alone to buy one.


The Peel iPad cases are available for iPad Air 1 & 2, and all iPad Mini models all priced at $29.99 and all available in white, black, or gold.