20 Examples of Cleverly Designed Packaging

One of the main thing that attracts us to buying products that we’ve never bought before is definitely packaging. In the same way i’d hesitate on downloading an app with an ugly icon, I’d similarly hesitate to buy a product with poorly designed packaging.

Check out these examples cleverly designed and unique packaging.

Zube Squeezable Wine

Phillips Hue Lamp

Chalk Coffee and Tea

Plate Lunch Package

Wishbone Wine Label

Origami Beer Bottle

Corona’s Game Board Beer Packaging

Blk Water Packaging

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Premium Eggs

Mask Confectionery Packaging

Wine Puzzle Packaging

Dino Gum

Wine “Glasses” Packaging

Art Graf Pencil

NYC Spaghetti

Tea Sugar Spoons

Dog Treats

Milk Cartoon

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