The Unbelievable Pencraft of Jake Weidmann

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We usually focus on more digital based art here on UltraLinx, but when I saw this story on ThisIsColossal, I couldn't help but share it.

In school and college, penman Jake Weidmann used pens and pencils to carefully write down his notes in class, while his classmates opted for the favourable laptop. Jake has always written everything longhand with pen and paper, using every opportunity to practice and perfect his remarkable talent as a penman.

The hard work eventually paid off as he's now one of only 12 people to be named as a master penman, and the youngest one ever.

The video below by Uproxx profiles Weidmann as he talks about where he started and the process he goes through when creating his art. Check out Jake's website to see more of his marvellous hand-drawn creations.