Google Have Made A Router That Actually Looks Good: OnHub

Let’s face it, routers have never been very exciting to look at, their blinking lights, clunky support and boring design leads them to be shoved away in a corner, left to do their job. Well in Google’s attempt to take over the world they’ve decided to try their hand in the router world with their newly announced OnHub.

Design-wise, Onhub is by far the best looking router on the market (to be fair, competition isn’t exactly strong). It’s the type of device you wouldn’t be afraid to have sitting on your coffee table in your hi-tech home instead of being tucked away in the corner.

Performance-wise, Onhub looks like it’s going to blow the competition out of the water with its ‘easy to set up’ system and its ability to tie together to other smart home accessories. It connects to iOS and Android phones through its clean and stylish app which tells the user how many devices are connected and what kind of speeds they’re getting, which is already a 1-up on it’s competition. 

OnHub will go on sale on August 31st for £199.99.

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