The E1 Camera Is The Smallest Micro Four Thirds Camera Ever

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Even in this day and age we're still very limited when it comes to wanting to shoot high-quality video, you either have to opt for a small camera that compromises quality or a high quality camera that is absolutely, now we have the E1 Camera, the smallest Micro Four Thirds ever.

The Kickstarter project has already more than quadrupled its original goal of $42,000. The E1 Camera gives you the ability and flexibility of a DSLR in a far smaller form factor, because it's a Micro Four Thirds camera it has the rights from Olympus to use the official spec, so it'll take MFT lenses, including those made by Olympus, Leica, Panasonic and Sigma.


Spec wise, the E1 doesn't disappoint, it shoots in 4k at 14FPS and UHD at 30FPS. It also boasts a 16 megapixel camera and should excel at taking low-light photos.

All the early bird offers are gone, but you can now pick one up for $699 on their Kickstarter page.