The 10 Best iOS Apps Released & Updated In June 2015

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Here are - what we think - the best iOS apps released and updated in June 2015, to see May's best iOS apps click here.

Apps are in no particular order.


Calendar apps are certainly not rare on iOS, but few are as beautiful as Moleskine's Timepage app. The new, minimal app takes on a timeline approach and connects directly to iCloud, Exchange or Gmail accounts.

It's not perfect but it's certainly one of the best right now.



Instagram received a few big updates in June including the option to find images by location, as well as a few tweaks to image discovery.

Users in the US also get an 'Explore' page that shows off trending tags and places across the network.



Tinder's 'swipe right if you like' system has been copied and adapted in a number of apps now, but few use it as well as WantList. WantList is a fashion app that lets you quickly and easily add desirable items to your list with a swipe to the right.



There are two types of people in the world, ones who will always want hard copies of their photos and ones who will be more than happy to just keep them digital, if you're the former, TripPix is for you. It takes your geo-tagged images from your camera roll, and makes them into a travel book that arrives at your door, all for only $19.99.



MikMak was specifically designed for the fast-paced iPhone generation. It's a shopping app that relies on short video adverts to sell products. Each night a 9pm EST, MikMak showcases a new video with a range of products from gadgets to beauty products to other accessories. All the items cost less than $100.



Peak has been named 'Best in AppStore in 2014' in 24 countries and it's really no surprise. Peak is specifically designed to help you train your memory, focus, creativity, emotional intelligence, problem solving, mental agility and language skills. It really is one of those apps that you need to get into a routine of using on a daily basis. Better yet, it's just been updated with two new games.



ETA is your ultimate driving app and personal assistant providing you with quick access to travel times and driving directions to all your favourite destinations. Not only that, it looks awesome as well.