How to Connect a PlayStation 4 Controller to a Mac (OSX)

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As fun as gaming on a Mac or PC is, it’s never quite the same without a controller in your hand. For now, the best controller option to connect to your Mac is the Playstation 4 controller. To be able to play your favourite games on your Mac you’re going to connect it first, all you need is a Bluetooth-ready controller, a mini-USB cable, and your Mac.

Note: Before you start the process, disconnect the controller from your PS4 so you don’t accidentally turn it on.

1. Turn on your Mac’s Bluetooth.

There is a high chance you could already have your Bluetooth on, if not – Click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the desktop, click System Preferences in the drop-down menu, and select the Bluetooth panel, then click Turn Bluetooth On.

2. Pair the PS4 controller via Bluetooth

Once you’ve activated Bluetooth on your Mac, simultaneously press and hold the PlayStation and Share buttons until your controller’s light bar begins to blink rapidly. The controller should automatically appear beneath the Devices list in the Bluetooth panel if your computer utilizes Mac OS X Mavericks or later. Otherwise, you will need to click Add Device and locate the controller.

Once done, highlight the controller in the panel, click Pair, and enter “0000” if prompted for a password. You should now be able to use the PS4 controller with any controller-compatible title available for your system.

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