32 Photoshop Brushes You Need Right Now

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As a designer you need as many weapons in your arsenal as possible and there’s always time for new Photoshop brushes to be added to said arsenal, they can completely transform a project and save some serious time when adding design flourishes. Check out our collection of 32 Photoshop brushes below.

10 Brushes for painting skin and hair

Star brushes by Austin Pickrell

24 Cloud brushes by Mila Vasileva

Dry brushes by Kirk Wallace

High quality bokeh brushes

Photoshop flourish by John Horoszewski

Photoshop brushes by Matt Heath

Paint splashes

Doodle brushes

Subtle brush set

Photorealistic explosions

Nature silhouettes 

Grimey brushes

Paint lines

Sponge party

Gradient shapes

Coffee stain brushes

Smoke brushes

Vintage wooden brushes

3D Halftone brushes

Dust particle brushes

Scorched and burned

Hi-res hair brushes

Night sky brushes

Dynamic light special FX brushes

Water brushes

Five simple fabric brushes

Hi Res leaf brushes

Fractal brushes

Texture brushes

Feathers and birds

Gritty brushes

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