The 10 Best iOS Apps Released & Updated In May 2015

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Here are - what we think - the best iOS apps released and updated in May 2015, to see April's best iOS apps click here.

Apps are in no particular order.

WiFi Mapper

You may think that in this day and age that WiFi is everywhere and you certainly don't need a map for it - well that's certainly not true. Unless you live deep in the city, there's always going to be a scenario where you're stuck without WiFi when you really need it.

WiFi Mapper lays out visual hotspots on a map for you to be able to find with ease. You may be thinking that there's tons of apps out there that do the same thing, well you're right. However WiFi Mapper


Inbox by Gmail

Google's latest attempt to conquer the day-to-day problems we usually have with our emails has bought us to Inbox. The smart email app has been out for a while, but now its out of its invite-only period and available to everyone. 



As news companies slowly start to realise that there's no money in subscription services from them, more and more news outlets are refining their apps to make them more user friendly - and free.

Queue the New York Times Now app, each day’s stories are now displayed in a stream of cards that can be expanded to see the full story. NYT hope that the price review and visual overhaul will encourage younger readers to engage more with their stories.


Quick Compose

Remember in iOS's gone by where you could pull down your notification centre and quickly compose a status or a tweet, well now you can again with Quick Compose. This is a must-have.



Once Windows Phone's baby, MixRadio is now available for iOS and Android.

MixRadio allows you to create personalized radio stations for free from its database of 35 million tracks – and allows you up to six skips per hour. There are also some preset stations according to genres or specific themes. Watch out Spotify?



Camera51 is easily one of my favourite apps released this month. There's a plethora of camera apps out there, but very few actually try to make you a better photographer - Camera51 does just that.

It has algorithms that direct you to aim the camera up, down, left, right, move back or zoom in until you get just the right spot. It also identifies and analyses objects, faces, shapes, lines and scenes to give you better feedback on how to improve your shot.



Whenever you go on a family holiday or a trip into the city with your friends there's always many different people taking many different photo's in your group, you get back home and have to send them all to each other to make sure you've got them all. Now there's Bundle.

Bundle organizes all of your photos into ‘bundles’ for private sharing with a group of people. The idea is that other members of your group for the event or outing can also add their own photos to the bundle. Genius.



Of all the things Instagram is good for - finding good photos of food is right up there. But what if you find the perfect meal, but you're don't have a recipe and you're not even entirely sure what it is? That's where Handpick comes in.

Handpick combines the plethora of food photos on Instagram with relatable recipes or alternate ones. You can even tell it what you have in the cupboards already and it’ll suggest an appropriate dish.



Flickr rolled out a huge update across all its mobile and desktop platforms in May. Updates include, the new Camera Roll, filters and freshly-added Instagram support. There's also tons more smaller updates, we recommend you download it and check them all out.


Make My Day

This is a must-have for any travellers out there. Make My Day combines three activities for you to do in one day from the city of your choosing, it shows you best times to do certain activities, the best restaurants etc.

At the moment there's only 6 cities to choose from( Barcelona, NY, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo), although I'm sure more will be added soon.