Richard Prince Is Making $90,000 On Other People's Instagram Photos

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Richard Prince is a photographer who's no stranger to controversy, but is selling other people's Instagram photos for $90,000 each too far?

As part of the Frieze Art Fair in New York City, Prince's participation was an exhibit called “New Portraits,”  which featured photos of people taken directly from their Instagram accounts. He removed the captions and added some of his own comments on the photos and went on to sell the prints for $90,000 each.

The photos on the exhibit are primarily made up of pictures of women, many in sexually charged poses.

Photo via WashingtonPost

Photo via WashingtonPost

So you're thinking, is a photographer allowed to sell someone else's photos for $90,000?

Well yes, he is. He's no stranger to being accused of stealing photos, so he knows his stuff. The photos - once on Instagram -don’t technically belong to the original poster; they are effectively public domain. Is this fair? Most would argue no.

So what about the people who's photos Prince actually took and resold? Well here's what fashion blogger Doe Deere had to say about it...

Give us your opinion below. Should a photographer be allowed to get away with this?

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