Google’s New ‘Project Soli’ Looks Unbelievably Futuristic

Welcome to the future. Google have released a new video detailing ‘Project Soli’, a interaction sensor that uses radar technology. Simple gestures with your hands will be able to control devices with the Soli chip inside of it, it really does look like something from a futuristic film.

Gesture control, up until now, has been impressive, yet frankly underwhelming to use. The accuracy and size of Soli gives us a lot more hope that this could be the future of how we control our devices. Soli can track sub-millimeter motions at the rate of 10,000 frames per second, it’s also able to fit into a fingertip-sized chip so the possibilities are endless, incorporating one into smartwatches would be awesome.

The project is still being put through its paces at Google, so don’t expect an immediate release. Find out a whole lot more about Soli by listening to founder Ivan Poupyrev talk about the project.

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