FIFA 16: All You Need To Know

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EA Sports have once again dropped a trailer and new details of their yearly football-sim game FIFA.

As with most recent versions of the game, the aesthetics haven't taken a huge leap forward from the previous, but there is some pretty neat features added, so lets run through them.

Confidence In Defending

One of the biggest problems in FIFA 15 is defending, controlling your player is fine but you rarely have confidence in the AI making sure your other defenders are doing their job. Well now you'll be able to defend as a team and be far less susceptible to fast players flying past you. There is new defensive agility to track tricky players and a better recovery system for when tackles are missed.

They've also vastly improved the goalkeeping mistakes, however I'll believe that when I see it.

Control The Midfield

The midfield AI will also be a lot smarter in FIFA 16, players will be a lot more alert when it comes to interceptions and tackling players of the ball.

There is also a new feature called 'passing with a purpose', which is pretty much a more accurate through-ball system.

Moments Of Magic

EA have worked a lot with Lionel Messi to produce a feature called No Touch Dribbling, this completely changes the way your players will be able to move off the ball, while they still have the ball. You'll be able to feint and trick the defender into thinking you're going the other way, just like Messi does himself.

No Touch Dribbling / EA Sports

No Touch Dribbling / EA Sports

Crossing in FIFA 15 was appalling, it just doesn't work at all like it's supposed to. Now EA have included Dynamic Crossing, there are now a lot more variations when it comes to crossing the ball into the box, with more options in terms of power.

Shooting gets more realistic in every FIFA, and FIFA 16 is no change, shots will be more realistic and you'll again be able to score many different types of goals with many different types of shots.

FIFA Trainer is a new feature aimed at beginners to the game, that suggests different buttons to press while in different situations on the pitch.

FIFA Trainer / EA Sports

FIFA Trainer / EA Sports

Other Features

You'll now be able to celebrate with the camera man, as well as being able to celebrate with the substitutes.

Womens teams are now also in FIFA 16.

Vanishing spray is now added when taking free kicks.

Dynamic weather has finally been added. So if the game starts off with rain, it won't necessarily be there the whole game, it could even turn into snow.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.26.59.png

There is tons more to be announced about FIFA 16, in terms of games modes, FUT and ratings, so stay tuned throughout the summer.

The game is due for release on September 22nd in North America, the 25 in Europe and on the 26th in the UK.