The 10 Best iOS Apps Released & Updated In April 2015

Here are – what we think – the best iOS apps released and updated in April 2015, to see March’s best iOS apps click here.

Apps are in no particular order.


If there wasn’t enough photo related apps in the App Store, we’re certainly getting there. However all the time the good ones are being rolled out to us, I’m not complaining too much.

Sendish is like a mashup between Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder, scary right? All you have to do is take a photo, that photo is then sent on to other users around the world where your photo can be liked and commented on, the more it’s liked, the more your photo is passed on. It’s actually quite clever.


Correct, Instagram is far from new, but it did receive a pretty cool update this month, it added 3 new filters to its already impressive arsenal, called Reyes, Lark and Juno. 

You also now have the ability to include emojis in your hashtags, so you will be able to hashtag emojis and search them as you would any regular hashtag.


You know that feeling when you’re on your mobile and you get to a login screen, you have to fill out your email address and it’s just hassle? Although it’s hardly a huge task, it’s definitely one of those feelings I could do without. Well thanks to OftenType, that feeling is no more.

With OftenType you can create your own keyboard keys and have them set to paste whatever you like, so whenever I’m burdened with a login screen all I have to do is click my email key and it pastes my email address. Genius.


If getting annoyed with Twitter’s 140 character limit is a daily occurrence for you then InfiniTweet should be in your download queue already. It creates a box for you to type as much as want in to, it then saves that to an image ready for you to tweet. It sounds simple, and it really is. It’s not the first time an app like this has been attempted, but you’ll struggle to find one as good-looking as InfiniTweet.


While Android users got their Wikipedia revamp in January, iOS users had to wait until April. The newest update is hardly a ground-breaker, but it now has all new header images and a short summary, as well as a ‘read more’ section.

Popcorn Time

The insanely popular torrent streaming service is now available for iOS so you can stream movies and TV shows to your non-jailbroken devices.

We wouldn’t recommend downloading it unless your 100% sure it’s legal in your country.


Podcasting has been quietly going about its business for a good few years now, but it seems to have recently turned into more of a mainstream media. Opinion is an app that lets you record, edit and publish your own podcasts all from your iOS device.

The reason we like Opinion so much is because it gives people a chance to be heard, even if they’re not knowledgable about podcasting and/or don’t have the equipment for it. obviously isn’t a new app, but it has received a massive update. The popular to-do list app now comes with a gorgeous new grid, and colour design, alongside some handy new features, you can now view your lists easier by Date, List or Priority view. It’s also now easier to create and share lists with people too.


While music apps like Spotify and Tidal grab all the headlines, apps like Rithm tend to float by unnoticed, mainly because most of them don’t actually offer anything different. Rithm, however, is a $3.99 music subscription service with a pretty cool integrated messaging function which allows you to share tracks with friends.

It’s obviously a much smaller service than its rivals, but its target market and price is a lot different too. I’d say it’s well worth checking out.


Typorama is an app that lets you overlay text on to your photos. Now this isn’t the first time an app like this has been released, but rarely do you see one as well designed and easy-to-use as Typorama.

The text layouts and fonts available are not only good-looking but there are a ton of them. You can really create some beautifully designed images with this app.

So that’s that, if you think we’ve missed out any apps, let us know below.

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