Popcorn Time Is Now Available For iPhones & iPads

Popcorn Time has now been made available for iOS devices.

Popcorn Time is a beautifully-designed torrent streaming app which is basically a pirate’s Netflix. It’s already been made available for Mac, PC and Andorid, and now it’s made it onto iOS.

You may be thinking that Apple would never allow this on the App Store and you’d be right, Popcorn Time has managed to build a Windows installer (OS X coming in the next 2 weeks) that lets you bypass the App Store and install Popcorn Time on your device

The movies and tv shows on offer is mouth-watering…

Apple are usually pretty tight on what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed on their devices so don’t expect it to be available forever.

We’d recommend not installing Popcorn Time as it may be illegal in your country.

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