Phillips Hue Go

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Phillips have announced that they're adding to their hugely popular Hue light bulb series with Hue Go

The Go still works the same as others in the Hue series, in the fact that it can be controlled directly from the associated mobile app. So what's different about the Hue Go compared to its predecessors? It's battery powered, you can take it with you wherever you go.


There's no doubt that there's certainly room in the market for wireless, transportable light - especially with the availability of over 16 million colours and from a company with such previous success in that area - however a major downside to the Hue Go is its battery power, it will only last a measly 3 hours on one full charge.

Check out the release video below.

Whether it's worth the $100 price tag remains to be seen, nevertheless the Hue Go will be hitting shelves towards the end of May.