Messenger Is A Facebook Chat App For Mac

Facebook's new Messenger as a native Mac app
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We didn't have to wait long for somebody to bring Facebook's new Messenger web app to the desktop. Rasmus Andersson, a developer and designer from San Francisco, created a native Mac application that lets you use all of Messenger's new features without launching the browser.

Simply called "Messenger". The app is basically a container for the web version of Facebook's messaging service. It looks and acts like it, which is a good thing, because the original interface was copied from the official iOS app.

Just like Messenger for web, the app can send and receive chat messages, photos, videos, and stickers. It's an open-source project, which means that you can not only download and use it for free, but also modify as you see fit.

Click the link below to download Messenger and leave a comment to tell us what you think.

Messenger for Mac