Best Weather Apps For Android (2015)

Will it rain tomorrow? We’re long past the time when we would fire up the laptop or TV to find that out. Today we can pull our phones out of our pockets, launch a weather app and it will tell us the weather for tomorrow, next Sunday, or even next year.

Modern apps can do so much more than just show the weather forecast, they can display weather conditions for several locations at once, run various simulations, and send alerts in case there’s a storm heading your way – all that wrapped in beautiful visuals.

Today I’m going to show you a few of our favourite weather apps for Android. I hope you will like them as much as I do, because they come with great functionality and gorgeous interfaces.


The basic version of this app was downloaded over 10 million times. It is popular for a reason. Apart from being one of the best exposed weather apps in the store, AccuWeather is a very reliable forecast source that supports most locations from all around the world.

It’s packed with features and in addition to the standard temperature and weather condition icons, it displays graphs, visualizations, maps and videos. There’s even a news section to help you keep in touch with the latest report from your travel destination or home. As if that wasn’t enough, AccuWeather sports a modern, elegant look and is equipped with a number of stylish widgets.

BBC Weather

BBC Weather relies on data provided by one of the biggest news companies in the world. In addition to current temperature and simple forecast, it displays sunrise/sunset times, pressure, visibility and humidity information and an extra 3-hour forecast.

If you live in the UK, you’ll be happy to know that the app can also provide you with details on the weather in the next 48 hours as well as details on UV radiation, pollen activity and air pollution. As for visuals, BBC Weather is clear and easy on the eyes. It is compatible with phones and tablets (both 7 and 10 inches) and comes with a variety of differently sized interactive widgets.

Yahoo Weather

If you’re looking for a minimalist weather app that features beautiful imagery, Yahoo Weather is your best choice. Based on your location, time, and weather, the app downloads high-res photographs from Flickr and uses them as backgrounds to create a truly immersive experience.

Yahoo Weather displays 24-hour and 10-day forecasts as well as interactive radar maps, humidity data, UV index, and rainstorm warnings. It can also send various weather alerts to let you know about worsening weather conditions in advance. The app comes with beautiful animations and widgets that you can put on your phone or tablet’s home screen.

MSN Weather

Published as part of Microsoft’s cross-platform expansion plan, MSN Weather is an intriguing mix of Android and Windows Phone’s design languages. It sports a clean interface that puts the content first.

When you launch the app, you can easily check current weather, view forecasts for multiple locations, display interactive maps with simulations, and subscribe to real-time weather alerts. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s weather app for Android looks and acts better than it does on Windows Phone.

Weather Timeline

Being my favourite weather app for Android, Weather Timeline sets the bar high for other applications in this category. It boasts a gorgeous animated interface that you can customize to suit your needs and comes with a plethora of useful features.

Features include several forecast types, interactive radars, support for multiple locations, and sticky notification that sits in your phone’s notification area and updates itself in the background to provide your with up-to-date weather information wherever you are and whatever you do.

Eye In Sky

Eye In Sky boasts the most minimalistic and elegant design. Being compatible with both smartphones and tablets, the app puts the weather first. There are no unnecessary features, buttons that clutter the screen. The navigation is gesture-based so to see a 48-hour or 15-day forecast, you only need to swipe left or right.

The app gives you an option to customize icon-set (14 to choose from) as well as an option to set up an expandable notification allowing you to check the weather without opening an app. There are also four widgets and a DashClock extension that can put forecast directly on your phone’s lockscreen.

If you recommend any other weather apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.