Best SMS App Replacements For Android (2015)

Despite growing popularity of chat apps, text messaging is far from dead. Hundreds of millions of SMS’s are sent every single day and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

To send and receive messages, you need an SMS app. All Android smartphones come with such an application, but chances are it’s not the best app in the world. If you’re tired of putting up with countless bugs or boring appearance, check out the list I’ve prepared for you below with some alternatives.

The list includes 6 excellent text messaging apps for Android, which I’ve cherry picked with your needs and convenience in mind. Each of them offers a different set of features, making them appealing to all sorts of people. Enjoy!

Google Hangouts

Released by Google and installed on Android 4.4 KitKat by default, Hangouts is an official application for the service known by the same name. It allows you to make voice and video calls and thanks to the recent update, it supports text messaging. The app doesn’t offer many features, but provides basic functionality wrapped in an elegant interface. With Hangouts, you can send and receive both SMS and MMS messages.


Living up to its straightforward name, Messenger is a simple texting app designed for speed and beauty. Its gorgeous Material Design interface makes messaging a real pleasure. Beautiful animations and bold colours add a little bit of life to otherwise boring-looking texts.

Messenger is compatible with most Android devices and allows you to send and receive MMS messages as well as assign different colours to favourite contacts.


I bless the day I found QKSMS in the Play Store. It was soon after Android 5.0 was released and I’d been looking for a neat Material Design SMS app for my phone. QKSMS was just what I was looking for by offering a beautiful and colourful interface paired with advanced functionality.

The app can display a pop-up when you receive a text, send group messages, automatically tone-down colours at night, and remove diacritics from your texts to help you save money. QKSMS is a free app, but if you wish to remove ads and unlock further theming options (there are 19 beautiful colours by default), you can upgrade straight from within the app.

Sliding Messaging

Sliding Messaging is probably the most advanced SMS app in the Play Store. It was designed with power users in mind and equipped with a plethora of options. When you download it, you can not only send and receive messages, but also customize the interface and experience to a great extent. The app allows you to change the theme (both UI elements and colours), define font type, size and alignment and set background for conversation view as well as gestures and navigation style.

Sliding Messaging can display a pop-up when a new message arrives, but in-app it’s fully editable with two themes and a palette of options to choose from. Additionally, the app allows you to reply, call or mark the message as read, straight from the notification area.

Handcent SMS

Being one of the most downloaded SMS apps in the Store, Handcent SMS brings a lot of features to the table. As well as support for SMS and MMS messaging, it enables group texting, advanced spellcheck, theming, and sharing files. Moreover, it has support for Emoji icons and a built-in Blacklist feature to block numbers you don’t want to receive messages from. The app can also schedule tasks and thanks to Handcent’s own integrated online chat service, send messages to any mobile platform for free.

chomp SMS

Downloaded by over 10 million users, chomp SMS is an app that once was exclusive to jailbroken iPhone. Now it’s available for everyone and offers a range of useful features. It can send and receive texts, block unwanted numbers and SPAM, and schedule messages. The app is also equipped with a number of security controls, for instance passcode lock for conversations and an ability to backup essential data. Plus, chomp SMS has heaps of customization options for notification icons, ringtones, vibrate patterns, font types and sizes and background wallpapers. Support for quick reply box is there as well.

chomp SMS has a younger sibling available in the Play Store. Textra SMS is a less powerful, yet lighter app for older devices.

If you recommend any other SMS apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.  

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