Best Productivity Apps For Android (2015)

In this day and age using your phone for more important tasks such as writing Word documents, taking notes and making to-do lists, has become a daily occurrence.

With the right set of apps and a well-thought workflow, one could easily replace a notebook with a smartphone for less demanding tasks. Today, to save you time and effort, I’m giving you a list of 10 incredibly powerful Android apps that will improve your productivity 10 fold.

Check out the apps below and leave a comment if you like them.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft’s Office app for Android lets you edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Functionality it offers is on par with other mobile office apps, which means that you can create completely new documents, format the text, insert images and videos, add animations to PowerPoint slides, and backup your work using Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service.

Google Docs

Google Docs was created as a web-based Office alternative. When I didn’t have Microsoft’s apps installed on my phone and laptop, I used Google’s services and liked them very much. Google Docs for Android lets you create simple documents on your phone or tablet, format them, and upload on Google Drive. When you connected to the Internet, the app will automatically save any changes made to the documents so you’re always seeing the latest version.

If you want to create spreadsheets and presentations, try Google Sheets and Google Slides.

JotterPad X

JotterPad X was designed for students, writers, and developers as an advanced, yet easy to use writing tool. The app sports a good-looking interface that delivers distraction-free writing experience. There are no unnecessary buttons or bars, just the content. Once you’re done writing, you can save the document in a folder or export it as PDF.

Other features include versions control, MarkDown support, keyboard shortcuts, Dropbox integration, various writing modes, and word counter.

Google Keep

There are tons of great note taking applications available in the Play Store, but Google Keep is our favourite. Developed by Google themselves, Keep allows you to write down your thoughts on the go as well as save long fragments of text, voice notes, lists, and images. Moreover, it is extremely smooth and has a colourful interface.

All notes saved and edited in Keep can be accessed later from the web or with the official Google Chrome app.


Evernote is more than just a note taking app. It’s a feature-rich service available on every mobile and computer operating system you can imagine. Evernote has gained popularity thanks to reliable synchronization between all connectved devices as well as plenty of integrated third-party tools and applications.

Evernote gives you an ability to save and share notes, images, and links, but it also allows you to work on files together with a friend and prevent unauthorized access to the app by setting PIN code. is a widely popular to-do app available on both Android and iOS. It has a distinctive and sleek interface that doesn’t draw attention from the app’s relatively advanced features. Those include an advanced speech-to-text engine that quickly and accurately turns your words into text, which allows for hands free note taking on the go or in a car.

Moreover, syncs the notes between your phone or tablet or another phone. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, which make it perfect app for those who are just beginning their adventure with Android.


Trello is a powerful collaboration service designed to save you and your co-workers some time by automating certain tasks and making it easier for all team member to communicate and work together. The Android app comes with a pretty interface, a shared to-do list, and a large virtual pinboard where you can add photos, videos, and documents for everyone to see.


Just like the aforementioned, Tasks is a to-do app. However, it represents a different approach as its interface was design to match stock Android’s look. It feels like a default system app, which – given that the company behind Tasks was recently acquired by Google – is reasonable.

Tasks is very simple and easy to navigate. It uses Google’s Tasks service to sync data between your phone, tablet, Chromebook, or any other device with access to Google services. It has a handy and good-looking widget, too.

Today Calendar

Today is probably my favourite calendar app, period. It offers a gorgeous interface filled with wonderful graphics, 7 different calendar viewing modes to choose from, a smart algorithm that automatically recognizes the type of event and adds a matching illustration, built-in weather integration, and two home screen widgets that you can customize to suit your liking.


Brought by the creators of to-do app, Cal offers a really good-looking interface paired with all features you’d expect from a high-end calendar application. Its visual style is different from vanilla Android’s look and feel, but it is what makes Cal stand out.

The interface is bright and colourful, with plenty of smooth animations, transitions, and cheerful icons. There’s also support for birthdays (with gift suggestions from Amazon or and integration as well as synchronization with both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange. 

If you recommend any other productivity apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.