Best News Reading Apps For Android (2015)

With so many great news reading apps available on Android, it’s very easy to stay in touch with the world, but which ones are the best?

Below you will find a list of 7 exquisitely good news reading apps. As an avid news reader, I’ve tested many apps to find a few that best suit my needs. The select seven offer the most interesting combination of functionality with eye-candy appearance. 


Feedly is the official app for a news service known under the same name. Similarly to gReader, it syncs with your Feedly-based RSS library to download and sort the news. While I personally am not very fond of the interface, I appreciate the speed and features offered by the app.

Feedly integrates with Buffer, Instapaper, Pocket and other third-party services. Additionally, it automatically syncs data between multiple mobile devices and web.

Google Newsstand

Google created Newsstand from the ashes of Reader. It is not as handy as its predecessor, but for casual news reading it is more than enough. Newsstand has a gorgeous interface full of animations and transitions and it downloads curated content from hundreds of sources.

The content is divided into categories, so following topics and publishers you are interested in is as easy as tapping a single button.

Google News & Weather

News & Weather, despite offering similar functionality, couldn’t be more different from Newsstand. Both apps have been developed and released by Google, but offer very different UX. While Newsstand features gorgeous interface and animations, News & Weather gives priority to the content.

The app lets you subscribe to hundreds of sources from all around the world. It can determine your location to present you with news happening around you as well as current weather and forecasts. What I like the most about Google News & Weather is the widget, which I’ve put on my phone’s home screen for quick and easy access to weather and news. It’s very handy!


A powerful news reader built with performance in mind. If there are hundreds of channels in your RSS library, you will not find a better app to manage them. gReader comes with many useful features such as mark as read on scroll and background sync. It works with Feedly and The Old Reader, but if you’d prefer to use it without any online services, you can do that too.

The interface has recently been updated with Material Design graphics and offers three colour themes to choose from.

Corgi for Feedly

Don’t let its cute icon fool you – Corgi is a very serious news reading app. It offers a distinctive approach to the idea of reading on your phone. Rather than endless lists of articles, the app shows your colourful cards that feature high-res imagery and clean typography.

If you often feel overwhelmed while digging through your RSS feed, give Corgi a shot. Its unique gesture-based interface that bursts with colour and energy may be just what you need to start enjoying every day news.


Don’t know what happened when you weren’t around? Ask PaperBoy. This smart little application was developed for Feedly users who are looking for a prettier alternative.

PaperBoy doesn’t offer as many features as gReader, but its simple and beautiful interface make it a perfect option for those of you who want to begin their adventure with reading news on an Android device.


When I am buried under a pile of to-do lists and do not have time to read longer stories I stumbled upon during the week, I sent them to Pocket. It is a very simple and easy to use read-it-later service that stores articles, images, and videos on your online accounts and presents them in a beautiful, distraction-free way.

When the weekend comes, you can take a moment and catch up on everything you haven’t had time for earlier in the week.

If you recommend any other news reading apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.