Best Gallery Apps For Android (2015)

Neither the old Gallery app, nor the default Photos app is any good on Android. for some reason Google cannot get a photo gallery app right. Both Gallery and Photos are clunky and I often don’t know whether photos I’m seeing are saved on my device, my SD card or from my cloud.

Luckily, Android users are not limited to the default apps. There are quite a few great alternatives available in the Play Store and today I’d like to present you with a list of 6 that I like best.

They look almost as good as they work so why don’t you give them a shot and see if they can reinvent the way you’re viewing your photographs?


Arguably the best gallery app for Android. In addition to it being free, it offers a good-looking user interface packed with smooth animations and a number of useful features. You can browse photos by folders and display them in three different ways: as a stack, grid or list. There’s also a built-in explorer view for direct access to files. Moreover, QuickPic allows you to hide or exclude folders you do not want to see, create new and rename existing folders, sort and move pictures as well put a shortcut to your favourite album on the home screen.

QuickPic comes with a bunch of basic photo editing tools. You can easily crop (by aspect ratio, resolution or cropper), shrink, and rotate your photo before you set it as a wallpaper.


flayvr is not just a gallery app. It was designed to reinvent the way you browse your photos and videos and built around advanced social features. It puts all your files in a timeline, which automatically sorts them by time, location, and events. The most important albums can be shared privately or on any social network in a couple of seconds.

In addition to all that, flayvr has a beautiful interface, where pictures and videos are displayed in the form of a collage.

Photo Days Gallery

Photo Days is a rather simple gallery app, but wow – it is gorgeous. The interface was designed with great attention to detail and features a rare colour combination of gray, white and bright red. Given that most developers go with black backgrounds, Photo Days is a breath of fresh air.

As far as functionality is concerned, the app can display photos in three different views (timeline, calendar, and standard album layout) and edit EXIF data.


Piktures is an all-in-one gallery app that allows you to browse pictures and play video recorded with your smartphone. Apart from a beautiful interface, it offers mutliple viewing modes that make organizing photo albums as easy as pie. The app can display photos based on their location and date as well as edit the EXIF data and share favourite pics on social media.


This is one of the most feature-packed gallery apps on Android. Not only can it display photos and videos saved on your device, but also quickly order prints, upload them to the cloud, sort by date, location and scene, and combine similar photos into an animated GIF. On top of all that, Lumific comes with a gorgeous Material Design interface.

A+ Photo Gallery

Last but not least, A+ Photo Gallery combines a modern-looking and intuitive interface with all features you’d expect from a quality gallery app. It’s probably the only Android app that displays photos like iPhoto – in the form of an endless mosaic of thumbnails. Moreover, it can search pictures by colour, play videos, download and upload photos to Facebook, and organize albums to give you full control over your photos.

If you recommend any other gallery apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.