Best E-Mail Apps For Android (2015)

Days when e-mail was limited to the chosen few are long gone. Now everyone can set up an e-mail account and send messages from all sorts of devices. There are quite a few e-mail providers to choose from and when it comes to e-mail apps, the choice is even bigger.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of e-mail apps for Android. To help you find the right one, I’ve selected 8 apps that, in my opinion, are the most reliable and offer the best functionality. Many of them have recently been updated with Material Design, which means that they look awesome too.

I hope you will find the apps below useful. Don’t hesitate to take them for a spin and choose the one that suits you best. Enjoy!


This app needs no introduction, but if you don’t know it, download it from the Play Store as soon as possible. Developed and released by Google themselves, Gmail is a feature-packed application tailored specifically for users of Google’s e-mail service. It offers deep integration with Android itself, support for multiple accounts, and ability to manage labels for messages. Unfortunately, just like Gmail for web, the app puts ads in your inbox from time to time, but makes up for it with a pretty interface and overall fluid experience.

Inbox by Gmail

Promised to replace Gmail in the future, Inbox presents an innovative approach to the idea of e-mail messaging. The Android app comes packed with with some Material Design goodness that makes the UI pop and allows you to manage received e-mails like tasks. You can snooze messages that are not important at the moment and add reminders to those that you want to take care of later.

Inbox is constantly evolving and receiving new features every few weeks. It probably won’t satisfy power and business users, but if you’re looking for a fresh take on casual e-mail, give it a try.


The latest contender to the name of the best e-mail app on Android is Mailbox. Mailbox brings all the features that made it so popular among iPhone and iPad users. It comes with a gorgeous interface that relies on gestures and swipes for basic navigation. As you’d expect from an e-mail client, Mailbox allows you to send, receive, trash, and archive messages as well as browse inbox folders and create lists.

Before Mailbox downloads any data to your devices, it checks them in the cloud for possible viruses and malware. Mailbox’s advanced algorithms let it learn your preferences and automatically categorize incoming messages based on your previous actions. It is that smart! Supported accounts include Gmail and iCloud at the moment, but more are scheduled to arrive in the future.


My personal favourite, CloudMagic, brings a bunch of visual improvements over the default e-mail app. It sports a good-looking UI designed for both smartphones and tablets, and offers basic integration with popular third-party services such as Pocket, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and Evernote. Directly from within the app, you can save a link to Pocket or create a new note in your Evernote notebook. It is a very convenient feature that allows you to complete all your work without switching apps and accounts.

Mail Wise

MailWise was suggested to me by one of our readers as a powerful e-mail app that supports multiple accounts and the Exchange protocol. After testing it for a while, I am quite impressed by its capabilities. It makes setting up and managing Exchange accounts very easy.

The app comes with native ActiveSync and calendar support as well as a few smart features that automatically group repetitive e-mails and mute conversations you’re not interested in. MailWise connects to Exchange, Yahoo!,, AOL, Gmail, Live,,, and many other webmail services via IMAP and ActiveSync.

Microsoft Outlook Preview

The previous version of Microsoft Outlook for Android was a disappointment. Subpar features and dated interface made it unusable for me and thousands of users around the world. Looking to correct that mistake, Microsoft released Outlook Preview – a brand new Outlook application designed to wipe the initial bad impression.

Outlook Preview looks and acts like an Android app. It no longer is a poor copy of a Windows Phone application, which means that it takes advantage of Android’s beautiful new design language. Apart from a good-looking interface, the app offers cloud attachment support, built-in calendar integration, and support for both Outlook and Exchange accounts as well as mail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.


If you do not fancy MailWise or Outlook Preview, take a look at Nine. It’s a fully-featured e-mail application designed with Exchange users in mind. It offers an advanced functionality that lets you take full control of your mailbox.

Features include real-time push notifications, multiple account support, calendar and contacts sync, advanced search engine, and native rich-text editor (on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or newer). Nine can also manage your tasks and backup text messages, which comes in handy if you often switch between different devices.


myMail, with its elegant and friendly interface that displays avatars and icons for your friends and co-workers, is one of the best looking e-mail clients for the platform. It is not only beautiful, but also pretty capable, as it comes with built-in image and file browsers, instant search with dynamic phrase suggestions, multiple accounts support, and various tweaks built to simplify and speed up your experience.

myMail works with any IMAP or POP3 account, including Gmail, iCloud,, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, AOL, and Hotmail.

If you’d recommend any other e-mail apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.