The 10 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions

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The Google Chrome Web Store is a maze of extensions, themes and games that you can get very easily lost in. It's no secret that the way the Chrome Web Store is laid out, it's extremely difficult to find the best extension that's going to change your browsing experience forever.

Well, worry no more, because we're going to show you what - in our opinions - are the 10 most useful extensions that you've possibly been neglecting thus far.


For how useful PushBullet is, it's extremely underrated. It gives you the ability to manage all of your mobile notifications on your desktop and even respond to texts. PushBullet makes it incredibly simple to send files, pictures and links between your devices.

They've also recently added a handy feature that lets you copy from one device and paste on another. Here's a pretty useful video that explains its capabilities.

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Hover Zoom+

If you've never heard of Hover Zoom before, your world is about to get seriously rocked. In its simplest form, Hover Zoom gives you the ability to hover over images, links or thumbnails to display an enlarged version of the image that the link is leading to.

For such a simple extension you'll be surprised how you ever browsed the web without it. And if you're a Reddit user, your life is will be dramaticly changed.

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LastPass is an award-winning security extension that saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. Never bother trying to remember all your different usernames and passwords again, because LastPass will do it for you.

You'll only ever need to remember your LastPass master password, after that, all your sites will be automatically logged into across all your devices. Granted, there are some very similar extensions and apps out there but LastPass has always worked perfectly for me.


If you don't want to shell out for Spotify Premium and YouTube is your go-to music medium then Streamus is about to blow you over. Streamus is a window that sits at the top of Chrome that lets you stream any song from YouTube, without even opening Youtube.

You can build playlists of your favourite songs or turn on 'radio mode' to discover new music. Even if you do have Spotify, Streamus is still essential, simply because of the incredible amount of song choices.

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The chances are you've heard of Pocket, whether you use it to it's full capabilities or not is a different matter. You can save almost anything to read later on Pocket; articles, videos, recipes, and webpages you find online or from your favourite apps can all be saved online or offline to read on any of your devices later.

The Chrome extension lets you save and view your Pocket-ed articles with incredible ease. It should definitely be number 1 in your extension arsenal.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 18.22.06.png

Reddit Enhancement Suite

I was in two minds about whether to include Reddit Enhancement Suite or not because obviously not everyone is a Reddit user. However the plethora of add-ons that RES provides is too much to overlook.

Reddit Enhancement Suite is the ultimate Reddit add-on. It includes features such as infinite scrolling, buttons to view images without leaving the page, keyboard navigation, the ability to see hidden vote totals, account switcher and so much more.


PriceBlink performs a task that many developers have tried, but very few have managed to pull off successfully. PriceBlink is an automatic price comparison extension that instantly recognizes products you're shopping for online and shows a pop up with cheaper alternatives from around the web.

PriceBlink alerts you to money saving coupons from thousands of merchants, as well, for instance if you navigated to, PriceBlink would show you a banner at the top of the screen displaying all available coupons for Topshop. PriceBlink is available in the US and the UK.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is by far the easiest way to view definitions as you browse the web. With a simple double-click on a word, you can view its definition in a small-unobtrusive pop-up bubble.

It also adds a handy button at the top of your screen to define any word you like. This is a must have and i'm sure you'd be very surprised at how much use you'd get out of it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 13.47.03.png

The Great Suspender

If you're anything like me, then 'right click > open new tab' is your best friend. After about half an hour of browsing i'm usually left with about 20 tabs open for no apparent reason. This is a HUGE drain on your RAM, especially in Chrome. The Great Suspender extension suspends unused tabs after a set period of time to reduce your memory footprint. Certain tabs can be whitelisted and tabs can be suspended manually or set to auto-suspend after a set period of time.

If it sounds like The Great Suspender isn't really for you, I urge you to try it anyway, I can assure you that you'll notice the speed difference on your computer.


Ghostery is a very clever Chrome extension that goes all-out to protect your privacy on the web. It lets you see the 'invisible web', detecting trackers, web bugs and beacons placed on web pages by thousands of companies including Facebook and Google. Ghostery gives you the ability to control which companies see what you're browsing and to learn about why they track you in the first place.

If - like me - you've come to the decision that companies are going to find ways of tracking your data whether you like it or not, then just to be able to know what companies are tracking and why they do it is extremely useful.

Honourable Mentions

Obviously there are many more extensions out there that are incredibly useful, so here are some that didn't make it into our 10:

If you think that we've missed any out, or you'd like to contribute to the list, let us know in the comments below.