If you hadn't noticed already, UltraLinx has got a fresh lick of paint!

As much as I loved the old design of the site it had become slow and sluggish. I was also spending less and less time on the site as I've been working much more on client work and my themes business. I didn't have the time anymore to keep optimising the site and updating it regularly. Things are now going to change.

I've hired a new editor to handle nearly all of the UltraLinx blog (we're a team of five now!). I'll still be in control of what gets published and making sure quality is top notch but most of the new content you'll see will now be from two heads banging together instead of my own banging against the desk!

The site design, hosting, code and advertising is now handled by SAYMedia (the same people behind huge sites such as ReadWrite and Fashionista). I'm on their Tempest publishing platform. This takes away a ton of headache from me because I can now concentrate on getting quality content out there. The site is now a hell of a lot faster and much better to use on tablets and mobiles.

There are still some things that need adjusting here and there, they will be sharpened up in the next few days. Let me know what you think of the new design, good feedback or bad feedback is all useful feedback!