Best Photo-Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad


Best Photo-Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Now that the perfect photo is saved in your phone's memory, you may want to edit it. The time when you could do that only on the computer are long gone and the device you're holding in your hands is more than capable of cropping, rotating, and applying filters to high-res images.

From hundreds of photo-editing applications available in the AppStore, we've hand picked 8 that in our opinion deliver the best quality and features. From very basic to intuitive and fast to very advanced and powerful, these apps should help you take your photographs to a whole new level.


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Note: Apps are in no particular order

Adobe Photoshop Touch

You're probably using Photoshop to edit your photos on the computer, so why don't you give it a shot on your phone as well? Adobe's mobile app is pretty great when it comes to retouching and even manipulating images. It comes with core Photoshop features like layers, tools, adjustments masks, and filters.

Apart from editing photographs, the app can also inspire you to be more creative by recommending various step-by-step tutorials and art galleries. Other features include layer support, wireless printing, built-in image search, and cloud storage for Creative Cloud users.


For many photographers I know VSCO Cam is the equivalent of a mobile camera app. It offers a very minimal interface that allows you to easily take and edit photographs. The app's editing capabilities include cropping and straightening as well as changing exposure, temperature, contrast, vignette, and more.

VSCO Cam became very popular because of its filters, which the apps calls "presets". When applied, they can significantly change the appearance of your photo and make it look more dramatic. On top of that, all photos can be published to VSCO Grid - a curated network were professional and amateur photographers alike can seek inspiration.


SKRWT helps you correct lens distortion with just one swipe. The app is as simple as effective. It really doesn't take more than a second to fix both horizontal and vertical perspective. What's more, SKWRT comes with custom grid options for more precise editing, ratio settings, vignette correction, and advanced sharing capabilities.


Like SKWRT above, SKEW helps you fix various problems that you may have with your photos. From lens distortion to rotation to perspective, nothing is an issue when you can use the app's simple tools. Launch SKEW, edit your photo and save it without losing quality, resolution, and EXIF data.


In addition to a gorgeous eye-catching icon, Afterlight has a lot to offer. This well-designed photo-editing app gives everything you need to create a perfect photograph. Afterlight comes with 15 different adjustment tools, 74 image filters, 128 simplistic frames, and almost 80 textures, which you can apply to your photos to give them a unique look.


If you're looking for a lightweight app that puts your photos before tools and settings, you cannot go wrong with Litely. This very minimal application features a typography-based interface and large imagery to create a truly immersive photo-editing experience. Its functionality is as good as its looks: Litely comes with over 74 different photo filters, smart adjustments, and gyroscope support, which allows you to view and edit panoramic photos.


Described as "brilliant" by users and reviewers, Faded brings professional-level editing capabilities to your smartphone and tablet. The app offers a variety of tools, of which the most notable are camera manual controls, variety of overlays, adjustment history, and customizable sharing features.

Laminar Pro

Last, but not least, is Laminar Pro - a desktop-class photo-editing software that you can use on your phone and tablet. Nevermind its dated interface, the app offers an impressive list of features that make it one of the best in the category. Laminar Pro lets you work with layers and masks, use brushes and editing tools (like gradient, colour splash, lighting), and choose from more than 60 one-touch filters and visual effects. Other features include RAW and PSD compatibility, high-res image support, and Dropbox sync.

If you recommend any other great photo-editing apps for iOS, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.