Office for Mac 2016 Preview

It’s been a long while since Microsoft released Office for Mac back in 2011. For the past five years the company has been working hard on a new version and while Office for Mac 2016 is not ready yet, you can take part in Microsoft’s preview program to get an early look at it.

A lot has changed in Office for Mac 2016. Firstly, all applications are now powered by cloud, which means that you can access your documents and working files at anytime, anywhere and on any device. Your documents are backed up automatically so you do not have to worry about losing them in case of a temporary power outage or computer crash.

Secondly, the new Office for Mac looks different. The interface has been refreshed to take advantage of Mac-specific features, such as Retina display and full-screen immersive mode. The iconography and layout have been redesigned as well in attempt to combine the best of two worlds: the unmistakably Office look and the Mac’s smooth interface.

All Office apps have received a visual overhaul and a slew of new features. If you’d like to try cloud collaboration on documents, check out tweaked keyboard shortcuts in Excel, and see beautiful new slide transitions in PowerPoint, head over to Microsoft’s website or click the link below to download a preview of Office for Mac 2016. It’s free.

Office for Mac 2016 Preview

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