Mind-Bending Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

We’re honoured to feature Erik Johansson’s incredible works for the second time. He’s a Swedish artist who describes himself simply as a photographer and retoucher, but we’d rather call him a Photoshop master.

Johansson’s unlimited creativity and admirable Photoshop skills let him create mind-altering optical illusions that often break the perspective to tell a story using a single image. That image, though, can consists of up to 100 different photos that Johansson captures with a camera and puts together on his computer.

Depending on what part of a picture you’re looking at, you can see things very differently. It’s that unique ability to blur the line between what’s real and what is just an illusion that makes Erik Johansson’s work stand out.

If you’d like to learn more about him, you can follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram or visit his personal website.

via Blaze Press

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