Microsoft’s Exciting Vision Of The Future | Video

What will technology of the future be like? Microsoft is trying to answer this difficult question with a new video titled “productivity Future Vision”, in which the company creates a vision of a connected world where technology surrounds people from all sides.

The video is simply amazing. Not only it is extremely well-made, but the technology it depicts looks like something that I could see myself using in a few years. From flexible tablets to giant interactive screens to holograms, Microsoft thinks the future will bring numerous breakthroughs in various engineering branches, allowing us to turn basically any surface into an active surface and bringing technology and people closer than ever before.

In the company’s vision, technology of the future will transform the way we get things done in many fields, including education and communication. Although in the whole video I couldn’t find a single scene, in which a Microsoft product or logo would be present, it is quite possible that somewhere deep in their R&D labs the company is working hard on making their visionary dream come true.

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