Best E-Mail Apps For iPhone And iPad


Best E-Mail Apps For iPhone And iPad

The default e-mail application on iPhone and iPad is pretty great, especially after the recent system update. But if you do not like like it or would like to change things up a little bit, there are many great alternatives in the AppStore.

We've searched the Store high and low to find the best and highest-rated e-mail apps for iOS. For your convenience, we've cobbled together a list of 11 such apps, which offer stand out features as well unique functionality that will help you reach the famous Inbox Zero faster and easier. Enjoy!

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Note: Apps are in no particular order


Who doesn't know Gmail? Google's official e-mail app is among the best in the category. It allows you to manage up to 5 different Gmail accounts, display e-mails as threads, send and receive attachments, and sort messages by folders and labels. The app supports Push notification and connects with your Google account to suggest e-mail recipients, download contact pictures, and respond to Google Calendar invites.


According to Google, Inbox takes e-mail to a whole new level. It is possible that it will replace Gmail in the near future, but before that happens, you can test drive this incredible app. Inbox uses smart algorithms to bundle similar messages together and highlight those that are important for you or require your attention, like flight check-ins and shipping information for purchases.

Thanks to its simple gesture-based interface, Inbox lets you easily add reminders to e-mails that need to be take care of and snooze those that can be put on hold.


If you happen to work in an office, you are familiar with the Outlook app for desktop. Its mobile counterpart is not very different and offers almost the same level of performance and features. Those include support for all popular e-mail services and protocols, cloud and local attachments, calendar integration, gesture-based interface, and powerful in-app search engine.


We do not want to cut one from the herd, but this app is our personal favourite. Similarly to the Android version, CloudMagic for iOS offers a refreshing e-mail experience. It is not particularly innovative when it comes to the general approach of organizing e-mails, but it is powerful enough to make reaching Inbox Zero a breeze.

CloudMagic supports the most popular e-mail protocols, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and iCloud. It has a pretty gesture-based interface and built-in sync feature that allows you to use the same accounts and settings on any device, whether it is an iPhone or an Android tablet. Integration with tools like Evernote and Instapaper makes managing the content of your e-mails a very pleasant experience.


Mailbox offers a deilghtful user interface that puts your messages first. There are no unnecessary buttons or icons that would clutter your screen and draw your attention away from the more important matters. Just like Google's Inbox, Mailbox gives you the ability to snooze mails until later and mute conversations that you're not interested in.

As if that was not enough, Mailbox is smart. It can learn your habits and automatically scan your e-mails to detect those that you may wish to deal with later.


Many people described Dispatch as the best e-mail app for iOS. It is difficult to disagree when you consider how powerful this little app is. By offering a plethora of unique features, it lets you burn through your unread e-mails and clear your inbox once and for all. The features include tight integration with Evernote, Pocket, Google Maps, and 20 other popular services, background fetch and real-time notifications, and advanced search.

A feature unique for Dispatch is called Snippets and lets you automate reponding to certain messages by saving reply templates. The app even says "Hi" for you!


Boxer is a fast and efficient e-mail client that supports Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, and iCloud accounts. It comes with clean swipe-based interface, Push notifications, calendar integration, and built-in to-do list where you can put e-mails that need to be taken care of. It also has Dashboard - a smart feature that lets you view all of your important and time sensitive items at a glance.

Mail Pilot

Looking to simplify your inbox? Try Mail Pilot. Compatible with most IMAP, Google, and iCloud accounts, this useful app allows you to organize your messages by status - Incomplete, Complete, or set for Reminder, while a feature called "Lists" will bundle together mails that relate to the same subject. You do not have to worry about security as Mail Pilot saves all your settings and password directly on the device and never stores them on any third-party servers.


Email+ is an e-mail client that one could easily recommend to less tech-savvy friends and family. It was built with casual users and mind, but offers considerably powerful features packed in a really good-looking interface. It puts people first, allowing you to see photos of your close ones and quickly send a message to let them know that you're fine and everything's going great.


Say no to clutter. Triage proves that a great minimalist e-mail client doesn't have to consists of endless lists and buttons. To help you tame your inbox, it displays messages as cards, which you can easily dismiss by flicking your finger over the display.


If you're tired of e-mail threads, download Hop. This innovative little app will turn your inbox into a chat application. Rather than messages, it will display your e-mails as chat bubbles, making responding to them faster and easier than ever. The app supports attachments and real-time video calls as well as typing indicators and group messaging.

If you recommend any other great e-mail apps for iOS, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.