40 Brilliant Tutorials To Help You Master Pixelmator

Adobe Photoshop is probably world’s most famous photo-editing software, but it most certainly is not the only one. There’s GIMP that gained huge popularity because it is completely free and works on basically any computer operating system, and Pixelmator – one of Photoshop’s greatest competitors.

If you’re tired of Adobe’s software or simply want to try something new, give Pixelmator a shot. It offers plenty of features, many of which work and feel very similar to Photoshop.

They can be used to create all sorts of raster graphics, from icons to posters to webpage mockups. As if that was not enough, Pixelmator is also available as a fully-featured iPad app to let you edit photographs and design on the go.

The best way to learn it is through practice, which is why today we’re presenting you with a list of 40 Pixelmator tutorials. They will take you through the basics and teach how to create beautiful graphics using this useful piece of software.

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Setting up Pixelmator for the first time

The Curves tool

The Selection tool

The Shape tool

The Sponge tool

The Liquify tool

The Pixel tool

Blurring, sharpening, dodging, and burning tools

Layer Masks

Create realistic note paper

Create a futuristic retro poster

Create a colourful polygon bird

Recreate the ripper skateboard graphic

Create a piece of retro pop art

Create a simple 3D metal bucket icon

Creating a realistic vinyl record

Create your own Siri icon

Create a killer glowing power button

Create an awesome progress bar

Create a stylish login modal window

Create simple beautiful UI buttons

Make a dramatic photographic sign-up page

Photo manipulation: tortoise peak

Photo manipulation: summer blues

Photo manipulation: misty tree

Photo manipulation: hammerhead shark

Photo manipulation: inverted room

Photo manipulation: tree man

Create a wondrous journey image

Create a magical book illustration

Creating a fictitious landscape

Turn photos into beautiful framed paintings

Create a realistic hybrid fruit

Create a grungy Earth composition

Create a simple beveled text

Add a glossy plastic text effect

Apply a burnt effect to text

Make a simple angled banner

Create a clean typography-based wallpaper

Design an inspirational poster

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