25 Inspiring Book Cover Designs

‘What sells a book?’, my design teacher once asked me. ‘The bookseller’, I replied confidently. ‘No’, he said, ‘the cover’.

It took me many months of studying communication to realize that he was actually right. Humans are visual creatures: we see and we consume with our eyes. Contrary to the popular belief, we do judge books by their covers. When people seek a book, the cover is the very first thing they see. Then they read the title and maybe the description on the back. Cover plays a very important role in the way a book is perceived by readers.

There’s no perfect way to design a book cover, but many got it right. I’ve compiled 25 examples of brilliant book covers that I stumbled upon on the Internet. I hope they will help you learn a thing or two about this branch of graphic design and inspire you to explore new ideas.

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