Best Fitness Apps For Android

Like many people, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to start working out every day. It is not the first time I set my sights on improving my health and losing some weight, but for some reason I could never achieve my goal. This year, though, I decided to get help.

I own an Android smartphone so I went to Google Play to find apps that could help me track my health and encourage me to sleep longer, eat better, and move more. From thousands of programs available in the store, I’ve selected 8 that worked best for me.

I’ve compiled the apps in a handy list below for each and every one of you can enjoy. All of them have been personally tested by me and hundreds of other users. High ratings confirm their top-tier quality and outstanding functionality. The apps work well and look good so why don’t you give them a shot and find out how much they can change your life?

Note: Apps are in no particular order.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Do you know Endomondo? I daresay it is the most popular fitness app for Android. Actually, it is more than just an app. Endomondo is a platform that allows you to track your activity wherever you are and whatever you do.

From running to cycling to swimming, Endomondo can record your progress and display it the form of a handy graph. You can set goals and publish your results online, for everyone to see and comment.

Runtastic Push-Ups

If you’re thinking about building a bigger chest and improving your strength, download Runtastic Push-Ups. It’s a simple, yet feature-packed application that comes with a built-in personal trainer. It lets you set a goal and choose personalized training program. The app can remind you about upcoming training, track your progress, and share the results with your friends.

Moreover, during the training, Runstastic Push-Ups can recognize your push-ups using your phone’s proximity sensor. This nifty little feature will help you become as strong as the Hulk!

7-Minute Workout

An effective training doesn’t need to take hours of sweating. With the app called “7-minute workout” you can warm up your body in less than ten minutes. It offers a set of 12 different exercises that you can do everywhere – be it at home or during a lunch break at work.

Features include training diary, voice instructions, push notifications, and good-looking interface.


Using your phone’s built-in sensors, Pedometer tracks steps taken, calories burned, and distance travelled. Launch the app, press Start, and go. The app records your progress and displays it as daily, weekly, or monthly summary.

Health Manager

Health Manager is the only health tracker you will ever need. It offers plenty of useful features, such as BMI tracking, hydration, and calorie calculator. It can also help you quit smoking and drinking.

Eat Fit

Working out is not enough to make you fit and lose weight. Diet plays a very important role in improving your health, which is why I strongly recommend downloading Eat Fit app.

It allows you to compose your very own diet from a variety of meals and ingredients. You can select your favourite food, create smart shopping lists, and track your weight to learn how much you’ve achieved.


I ma under impression that most people do not drink enough water (me included). Fortunately, apps like Waterbalance can help us solve this problem. It allows you to track water intake, view detailed statistics, earn badges for improving your water balance, and share the results online.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Lack of sleep makes can have a big influence on your health, which is why you should not stay up late too often. To learn how you sleep download an app called Sleep Cycle Alaram Clock. It will analyze your sleep and wake you up in your lightest sleep phase with mild, soothing melodies.

Thanks to the app’s handy tracking feature, you can if you’ve improved your sleep over the last three months.

If you recommend any other e-mail apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.

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