Best Internet Browsers For Android (2015)

Dedicated app usage has grown substantially over the last few years, but Internet browser is still the most important application on any smartphone. Without it, we couldn’t browse webpages, scroll through search results for various topics, and access sites that have not released a mobile app yet. The browser – the centerpiece of a modern smartphone – often has the greatest influence on the way we research information and consume knowledge.

Almost every mobile browser displays webpages differently. Their appearance and loading speed depends on many factors, which is why there are so many Internet browsers available on Android. If you do not fancy the default one, you can easily replace it with an alternative. There are tens of great browsers available in the Play Store, but for your convenience we’ve narrowed down the choice to just 6.

All six apps represent different approaches to the idea of browsing the internet. Not only they sport different interfaces, but also offer distinctive and often very unique features. Check them out below and have fun surfing the web!

Note: Apps are in no particular order.


Since it ships with all new Android devices, chances are Chrome is already installed on your phone. But if it is not, head over to the Play Store and download it right away. Chrome is among the best Internet browsers not only on Android, but on basically any platform. It is fast and fluid and offers plenty of useful features such as two-way sync for opened tabs and bookmarks.

If that’s not enough to convince you, Chrome has received a major update recently that brought a gorgeous new interface and integration with task switcher on Android 5.0 or later.

Firefox Mobile

Mozilla Firefox is Chrome’s biggest competitor. Earlier it probably wouldn’t even make this list, but it has improved drastically over the last few months. It offers almost the same features as Chrome, but sports a different, more desktop-alike user interface. It is very fast and works smoothly on any Android phone, no matter what hardware. And it looks great on tablets, too.

Atlas Web Browser

2014 brought the rise of many Material Design-themed apps, including web browsers. Atlas is one of two such applications that we’ve decided to feature in this compilation. It has a good-looking interface and plenty of features that you’d expect to see in a modern Internet browser.

It comes with built-in AdBlock support, a lo-fi mode for browsing the web without unnecessary scripts, and a couple of toggles that allow you to quickly switch between mobile and desktop view or turn on private browsing.

Now Browser

Similarly to Atlas Web Browser, Now Browser is a Material Design-style web browser for Android. Not only it sports a gorgeous minimal interface, but also offers many great features, including native Flash support and superior rendering engine. It lets you view multiple webpages at once using tabs and use gestures to switch between them.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

If you care about privacy, Ghostery Privacy Browser is your best fit. It uses many clever algorithms to detect and strip visited webpages of devious scripts that track what you read, what you buy, what you click, and what you share. Since the app is easy to configure and use, you get full control over what information you share online.

In addition to privacy features, Ghostery Privacy Browser offers full functionality of any desktop web browser, which means that you can use tabs, switch search engines, and save bookmarks.


LinkBubble is probably the most unusual web browser on the list. Actually, it is difficult to call it a “web browser”, because it is not a standalone application. It was created as a floating widget that intercepts links posted online. Tap a link and it will open in a small window that you can drag around the screen, allowing you to read an article without interrupting your current workflow.

If you’d like to learn more about LinkBubble, makes sure to read our original coverage of this brilliant little app.

If you recommend any other Internet browsers for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.