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Beautiful YouTube Redesign Concept

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Beautiful YouTube Redesign Concept

There's no denying that YouTube doesn't seem to be up to modern design standards that we see from competing video services such as Vimeo.

Roland Hidvegi, a designer from Budapest, created a beautiful YouTube redesign concept, in which he presents a very different approach to the look and feel of the site. He borrowed more than a few ideas from the official YouTube app for Android and it is a good thing. In his concept, the site is sleeker and cleaner, with bold choice of colours and consistent iconography.

Beautiful edge-to-edge imagery and crisp typography really highlight the content, which I consider the biggest flaw of today's YouTube. In Hidvegi's opinion, video thumbnails should vary in size to reflect current trends and give the user a visual clue about what content has become the most popular since the last visit.

Thanks to simpler navigation and reorganized information architecture, it doesn't take more than a few clicks to get to the most used features.

I actually wish YouTube looked like Hidvegi's concept. If you want to see more from this talented designer, make sure to visit his personal pages on Behance and Dribbles.

Beautiful YouTube Redesign Concept