Amazing Resources for Designers: Colour

No matter what you’re working on, you cannot forget about colour. It appeals to emotions, memories, and associations and often decides about success of a project. Graphic designers, communication specialists, and business experts use colour to influence the audience and control the way a product or service is received by consumers.

Moreover, in every design work colour is as important as style, shapes, typography, and layout. Just like you spend hours putting the finishing touches on your pixel perfect icons, you should pay attention to hues and tints.

If you’re a graphic designer, you know that managing colours is more than selecting the ones that you like. From the technical point of view, designing for web is very different from creating vector logos and requires different palette and tools.

Therefore, we’re presenting you with a collection of awesome resources that will help you convert colour values, generate swatches, and give a hint about what hues would go well with the one you client fell in love with.

Palette for Chrome

Create colour palettes from any image with this simple Chrome extension.

Les Teintes

A collection of colours used by brands, websites, and services from all around the world.

Colour Lovers

Find and share inspiration in this huge community of colour lovers.


Share your favourite colours and inspiration with the community.


An awesome colour finder packed with options and features.


Press the spacebar to generate a random colour.

Colour Swatches

Generate colour swatches with a few clicks.

Hex Color Tool

An easy to use, but feature-rich tool that allows you to convert HEX colours to HTML and RGB as well as generate variations.


A powerful web tool for creating colour palettes, tints, and variations.


A picker that creates consistent colour stacks.


Large colour database with a cool retro interface. Select a colour and it will tell you everything about it.

Color Scheme Designer

An advanced web tool for designing colour schemes. It comes with a colour wheel, lists, and website examples.

Adobe Kuler Color Wheel

Adobe’s cool Kuler tool available as a web app.

HEX to RGB Converter

Convert HEX to RGB. That’s it.

Brand Colors

Browse colour palettes used by various brands, create collections, and download them to your computer.


A simple, but surprisingly customizable colour picker.

0 to 255

A simple tool for finding variations of any colour.

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