24-Karat Gold Controllers For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

After golden smartphones and gold-plated Xbox, today it is the turn of 24-karat gold controllers. They may work like any other game pad on the market, but their appearance – just dripping with luxury – most certainly makes them stand out from the rest.

Created by ColorWare, the controllers are based on both Sony’s DualShock 4 and Microsoft’s official game pad for Xbox One. Actually, they’re the same devices except they are covered in rich 24k gold. They could no, by any means, be called ordinary.

Both pads are priced at $299, which is not insane given their luxurious look and high-quality golden finish. Only 25 pieces of each device have been made so expect the prices to go up very quickly. If you’ve already made up your mind, head over to ColorWare’s website to grab yours before they’re gone.

ColorWare – 24-Karat Gold Controllers

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