Narrow And Lightsome Residence In Melbourne

Architects are often challenged by various constraints of the building site. Sometimes it is unfriendly terrain, sever weather conditions or limited area. It is when they show their skills as they try to create a comfortable living space against the odds. Constraints make them come up with brilliant ideas – like the Fairbairn Road Residence designed by Inglis Architects.

The residence had to be and is very narrow, but you couldn’t tell just by looking at it. By layering the elevation towards the top, the architects managed to create a lot of space in a seemingly tiny building. The inside can not be called spacious, but is sufficient for everyday activities. Thanks to multiple floors, inner layout of the house could be customized to suit the owner’s likings.

Additionally, unusual construction of the residence makes it stand out from neighbouring buildings. Its elevation is also very appealing as it sports a modern and minimal look. The core is an azure wall made of white-painted stone bricks. It goes very well with out architectural elements, which are mainly made of masonry and timber.

The interior is very calm. Through a tested and commonly liked combination of white walls and bright wood, designers managed to add plenty of visual space. Small accents like black cupboards and certain accessories only highlight and compliment the ease of the interior.

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