This Is How Much Interns Make At Top Tech Companies

There’s no ignoring the fact that there is a lot of cash in the tech industry especially when we’ve seen so many tech companies sell for billions.

The tech industry also pays very well specifically for developers and engineers, so it’s definitely a very good career to consider when you’re young and still have time to choose the path you want to take.

When at university or leaving university most developers and engineers will most likely look into internships. It’s a fantastic way to get yourself right into the work and make some vital contacts that could become helpful in the future. But have you ever wondered how much the top tech companies pay for interns?

Jessica Shu is one of those people who is looking for internships and was offered positions by some of the biggest tech companies. She publicly shared the salaries that are on offer on her Evernote notebook.

Dropbox tops the list in terms of total takeaway every month at $13,500, with LinkedIn second at $12,600 and Amazon and Foursquare tied at third both offering $11,000.

Those are some ridiculously insane salaries for just an intern but there are lots of other factors to consider. These internships are usually offered to the best of the best. Living costs in places like San Francisco and New York where most of these companies are based are also really high. Nevertheless it’s interesting to see what companies are offering to get hold of the best talent they can.

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