32 Dispelled Myths About UX And Web Design

Hungarian user experience designer Zoltán Gócza put together a list of 32 most common myths about UX and web design. An Italian communication and advertising agency That’s Com loved the list so much that with help of  a freelance graphic designer Alessandro Giammaria they have turned the list into a collection of brilliant posters.

There are 32 posters in total, each dedicated to a single UX or web design myth. Along with the myth itself, every poster contains an explanation and dispelling derived from tests, studies, and specific articles. They can be a great source of tips and suggestions for both experienced and beginning UX designers.

UX is key when it comes to web design or any design for that matter. Sometimes an assumption is not enough to create a long-standing experience that will motive the users to visit your website again or come back to a product. Zoltán Gócza’s tips are the quickest way to learn about good UX design. If you would like to learn more, make sure to visit his website or view the posters in full resolution.

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