15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android


15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android

In light of the recent Android 5.0 Lollipop public release, many developers have updated their apps with Material Design and new features. They now look sleeker than before, with bold colours, crisp typography, and fluid animations. But the most important part is that they are consistent with the look and feel of the new version of Google's mobile operating system.

We have cherry picked 15 such apps. While they all were built with different functionality in mind, there is one thing that binds them - Material Design interface and great user experience. Check them out below.

Note: Apps are in no particular order.

Talon for Twitter

A fully-featured Twitter app loved for its functionality and appearance. Talon comes with Material Design interface that can be customized to suit your fancy. Heap of options and high polish of the interface justify the relatively high asking price.


Jealous of iPhone users sending text messages from their desktop computers? No worries, you can get this and more features with Pushbullet. This brilliant app let you exchange different bits of information between your phone, tablet, and desktop. You can send and receive links, images, and files as well as text messages and call notifications. After the recent update, Pushbullt sports a fresh new Material Design theme.

Sliding Explorer

This is a feature-packed file browser for Android devices. It has a sleek blue interface and plenty of features that allow you to manage files stored on your device as you will. You can access the root directory (if your phone is rooted), zip and unzip file packages, view media saved on the SD card, and edit permissions for specific files.

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android


Similarly to the app above, Cabinet is a file browser with Material Design theme. It is very simple and easy to use, which makes it a perfect application for those who just need to view or delete some files from time to time. And it has a gorgeous icon!

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android

Today Calendar

A calendar app that comes with advanced functionality and beautiful interface. Today Calendar is filled with Material Design-style animations that are both gorgeous and meaningful. There's also a home screen widget and customization options that allow you to change the colour scheme.

Journal (by Journey)

Award-winning travel log app with minimal Material Design theme and comfortable tablet layout. It allows you to write down your thoughts and create a journal from your journeys. You can add photos and calendar events as well as sync your data with a dedicated Chrome application.

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android


Don't have time to read an article? Send it to Pocket - the most popular read-it-later application on the platform. Recent update brought support for Android 5.0 Lollipop and a few Material Design animations. Pocket looked great before and now it's simply outstanding. Thanks to pletform of reading options, consuming your postponed articles, images, videos, and links is a piece of cake.

If you sign up for a Pocket account, you can access your reading list from basically any machine connected to the Internet.


There are quite a few RSS readers available for Android, but Flyne is my personal favourite. It comes with a good-looking Material Design theme and gorgeous animations that make reading news a real pleasure. Flyne can pull articles from Twitter and Feedly and save them for offline use.

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android


A good-looking alternative to Google's Keep up. BrightNotes lets you quickly jot down your thoughts and sync them on the cloud with Dropbox (Google Drive and Box support coming soon).

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android


Lists and reminders in your phone's notification area, Material Design style.

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android

S Tools+

A pack of 5 different useful tools for your device. It allows you to see your CPU frequencies, view data collected by various sensors, pick colours from selected image or photograph, get directions using the built-in compass, and display detailed information about your phone or tablet.

S Tools+ comes with six gorgeous Material Design themes and beautiful animations make for great user experience.

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android

Sensor Sense

Sensor Sense is a simpler version of S Tools+ described above. It gives you the ability to view sensor values and all the sensor details. Thanks to its intuitive and colourful interface, viewing this information is kind of fun.

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android


Who doesn't now Tumblr? The official app for this popular microblogging platform has received a Material Design update a few days ago. The interface is not very different from what it was before, but if you look closer, you will see flatter buttons, new animations, and smooth transitions between the screens.

Functionality remains the same - Tumblr still lets you publish posts, images, videos, links, and quotes as well as track activity on your blog.

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android

Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline is one the best-looking Weather apps on the platform. It was built specifically for Android 5.0 Lollipop and comes with a gorgeous Material Design-style interface that adds a little fun to weather foracasting.

The app lets you add custom locations, view weekly and hourly forecasts, and even travel in time to see what the weather will be like in two years from now.

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android


Behind this strange name hides a truly mavelous wallpaper app. Zyden allows you to browse and download tens of well-designed Android 5.0-style backgrounds and flat wallpapers that will fit the refreshed look and feel of Google's mobile operating system like a glove.

All that is packed into a colourful interface with fluid animations and smooth transitions.

15 Neat Material Design Apps For Android

If you recommend any other Material Design apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.