15 Minimal Print Advertisements

We are used to seeing ads in newspapers and magazines to such an extent that we basically do not notice them anymore. Our brains are flooded with information on a daily basis, they’ve learned to passively ignore pieces that do not hold essential value – like ads, brochures, and marketing gimmicks. Therefore, publishers and copywriters are looking to differentiate their messages from the rest and catch our attention.

There are many ways to achieve that, one of which is a visual novelty. While some try colours and beautiful typography, others aim at minimalism, which is attractive to our brains because of its simplicity and clearness.

Below you will find a short compilation of 15 clever print advertisements that do not boast rich forms, but deliver strong and very clever messages. To figure out what story they are trying to tell, you need to stop for a few seconds and think. On top of that, they’re simply gorgeous with their simple layouts and catchy captions.

via Think New Design

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