The House Of The Infinite

In Cádiz, Spain, an architect named Alberto Campo Baeza created a house that we would move into in the blink of an eye. It’s a real treat for every fan of modern architecture as it combines the beauty minimalism with gorgeous view over the Atlantic Sea.

The residence is called the “House of the Infinite” for a reason. Unlike other houses, it has a fully functional roof that appears to have no end. It’s farthest edge levels with the azure surface of the sea. On the roof, there’s a large swimming pool and plenty of space to watch the waves or bathe in the sun.

The rest of the house is very minimal. Simple geometry and boxy shapes dominate the exterior and interior of the house. The elevation is the colour of sand which makes it blend into the landscape. As far as the inside is concerned, it is almost the perfect reflection of the exterior. While there is basically no decoration and the furnishing is extremely limited, what strikes the eye is the amount of light that fills the interior through numerous windows and skylights.

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