Brilliant Beer Packaging That Uses The Pantone Colour Palette

There are many types of beer that differ in taste and colour. Unfortunately most beer cans advertise the brand and brewery, rather than the alcohol itself. That is not the case with the new project by Spanish artist Txaber who created a brilliant beer packaging design using Pantone’s colour charts and codes.

The cans and bottles he has designed are very minimal. The largest part part of them is filled with colour that reflects the tinge of the beer inside. All hues are taken from Pantone’s colour palette, which is famous for its accuracy and popularity among designers and manufacturers from all around the globe.

Apart from the colour, there’s a small stripe of white on every of Txaber’s cans and bottles. On it, using fancy and very unique typography, the designer put the name of the beer as well as the Pantone colour code. In general, packaging has a distinctive and strikingly minimal look that not only puts its contents first, but also makes it stand out from the competition.

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