The All-White Apartment In Maastricht

Studio Niels, an architectural firm from Maastricht, the Netherlands, designed an all-white apartment that will appeal to all minimalists and monochrome lovers out there. It combines clarity with simplicity as well as highlights the contrast between various elements of interior design.

Completed in 2011, the Authentic Mansion 2 represents the modern approach to interior design. It puts function over form and aims at simplicity that will make the residents’ lives easier. It has white walls and ceilings as well as door, handles, lighting equipment, and window frames. The kitchen is also completely white, which makes it a perfect background for all the delicious food the owners cook there.

Flooring and selected pieces of furniture are black in order to break the homogeneity of colour. Dark floor contrasts nicely with all-white walls and ceilings and brings out their presence. Similarly to the rule of negative space that many designers follow in their works, the blacks and whites in the Authentic Mansion 2 in Maastricht compliment each other.

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