Best iOS 8 Keyboard Replacement Apps

Now that iOS 8 is available to everyone for download, there is a cool feature to change your keyboard. There are already quite a few replacement keyboards available but only a few are worth downloading.

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards on Android so it was only natural for it to come over to iOS too. It’s already used by millions and has become a favourite with Android users due to its very good predictability when typing.


Swype was one of the first keyboards to change the way you typed when it was first released on Android. It featured an awesome way to quickly type by simply swiping over letters. It was personally my favourite keyboard on Android so it’s great to see it come over to iOS.


Fleksy is an all new keyboard which has got a lot of competition against the likes of SwiftKey and Swype but judging from the App Store reviews it already seems to be a hit. Fleksy makes use of some very accurate predictive text and has a fair amount of customisation options.


Minuum is easily the most unique keyboard as it combats the issue of the keyboard taking up a lot of screen space. Minuum features a very unique design where you can shrink the keyboard but still type accurately. It takes a bit of getting used to but once learned, it can be very powerful.


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