Best Hidden Features of iOS 8

iOS 8 is now here and available for download on most iPhones and iPads that were released in the past 3 years. As with every new version of software, there are some really great improvements and new features. But because there are so many new improvements, it’s impossible to know of every new trick so here is a list of some cool features in iOS 8.


Time-lapse – The camera app now has a new time-lapse mode. You can capture lots of images and it’ll automatically turn them into a video.

240fps Slo mo – If you have an iPhone 6 you can now shoot in even slower 240fps.

Recover deleted photos – If you’ve ever deleted a photo by accident, iOS 8 now has the option to restore it in the photos app.


Automatically delete messages – The Messages app now gives you the option to automatically delete messages.

Automatically save photos and videos – There is now an option to automatically save any pictures or videos you receive through iOS.

Quickly respond in notifications – You can now quickly reply to messages right in the notification bar, no need to go to the messages app.

Send audio messages – You can quickly send audio messages by holding down the microphone icon next to the text input field when writing a text.

Details – When in a conversation, you’ll now see a new “Details” button at the top right. Tapping on it will show you attachments for that contact and more information such as the ability to share your current location or even mute the contact.


Shazam – Siri now has Shazam integration so you can easily identify songs with just Siri.

‘Hey Siri’ – When your device is plugged in you can simply say ‘Hey Siri’ and it will automatically activate. You can then command it do what you like which makes it completely hands free.


Credit card scanning – Instead of having to enter your card details every time you pay for something on your iPhone or iPad, iOS 8 can now store your card details for you. You can then enter them automatically whenever you’re paying for something online.

Which apps are using the most battery – In the settings app you can now see which apps are using the most battery life.

Change the keyboard – Apple finally have added the option to have custom keyboards. There are already a few to choose from on the App Store. It’s a good idea to try them and see what is best for you.

Spotlight – Swiping down when home will give you spotlight. This feature has been greatly improved for iOS 8 and now searches more parts of your phone and the internet.

Those are just some of the few new hidden features. I’m sure there are more if you’re willing to explore. If you find any cool ones, make sure to leave them in the comments.

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