Apple Watch


Apple Watch

As well as announcing the iPhone 6, Apple also announced an all new product - the Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch will come in two different sizes and three different types - the standard Apple Watch, the Watch Sport and the Watch Edition. The Watch is made from stainless steel, the Watch Sport is made from anodized aluminium and the Watch Edition is made from 18-karat gold.

The Apple Watch is touchscreen but it also features a scrolling crown that is used to quickly scroll through elements on the interface and zoom in and out. It also clicks to bring you back to the home screen.


The Apple Watch only works with the iPhone and has been designed to be an extension of your iPhone. It can show notifications, be used to send messages, answer calls, use maps, control music, show reminders and read emails. It can also be used as a fitness companion with sensors to monitor all sorts of information such as steps and heart rate. Apple is giving developers the opportunity to build apps for the device too.

Apple have been sure to make it very customisable offering a bunch of different colours and lots of different wrist straps including leather, metal and silicone.


The device won't be coming till early 2015 and real tech specs have been left, most likely because they will change from now till launch.

Apple Watch