Microsoft’s Modern Offices In Moscow

Microsoft has offices all over the world. The one in Moscow, Russia, is not only home to technology and innovation, but also a beautiful place that inspires creativity.

Designed by UNK project, the office brings together technology, inspiration, and comfort. Like many other corporations, Microsoft went for a casual style that makes the workers feel at home. There sure are conference rooms and official-looking areas where the real business happens, but they are only a part of a wonderful workplace where modern furniture and numerous leisure lounges encourage social integration and freedom.

Visually, the offices are clean and spacious. Thanks to clever use of lighting and well-designed interiors, they feel even larger that they are in reality (and they most certainly cannot be called “small” since they measure approximately 1300 square meters). We particularly love the reception desk where white clean walls blend with wooden partition and colourful furniture. Employees and visitors can sit on comfortable sofas or take a gander at some of Microsoft-made products which are being showcased in the waiting room.

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