ZIIIRO Eclipse & Giveaway


ZIIIRO Eclipse & Giveaway

I bought my first ZIIIRO watch over two years ago now, it was the Celeste Mono Black. I was drawn by the sleek matte black stainless steel frame and the vividly glowing but very minimalist clock face. It offered a very unique but stylish way to look at the time. Friends were always impressed by it, they has never seen anything else like it.

ZIIIRO got in touch with me recently and asked if I could try out two of their latest watches (will be covering the second at a later date), the first being the Eclipse.

Eclipse Above

The Eclipse is one of the most minimal watches ZIIIRO offers. There clock face features a very simple way to read the time, the black hand being the hour hand and the white hand being the minute hand. The middle of the clock face is simply a black disc which brilliantly covers some of internal workings of the hands to give a smooth and minimalist look. The time piece itself is made from stainless steel, giving it a nice weight.

Eclipse Strap

The strap is made from rubber which instantly gives a more sporty feel to the watch - it's the sort of watch you would wear everyday. However in no way does it feel cheap.

Eclipse Wrist

I have pretty small wrists but thankfully the Eclipse is just the right size. It's also pretty thin giving it a much more discreet look while being very comfortable to wear.

Eclipse Glow

A unique feature to the Eclipse is that the ring around the clock glows in the dark a neon blue which looks absolutely fantastic. It draws in light very quickly and can hold the glow for a sufficient amount of time.

The Eclipse is the type of watch made to be worn everyday. The design is absolutely perfect for those who appreciate minimalism. It comes in black, white and grey.

ZIIIRO Eclipse

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The giveaway has now ended. The winners will be emailed directly so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox!