Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Selfies | Infographic

To celebrate the release of their new selfie-oriented phone, the Xperia C3, Sony published a massive infographic that will tell you everything there is to know about the art of taking self-portraits.

If questions like “when was the first selfie taken?” and “who takes the most selfies?” have been bugging you for years, Sony’s infographic will finally let you find inner peace. In a simple and easy to digest way, it shares many interesting facts from the history of self-portraits. It will tell you who pioneered this fast-spreading trend and what makes it so popular as well as what features a mobile phone needs to have in order to take the best-looking selfies.

The infographic may be a great source of inspiration and tips for those of you have are yet to post their first-ever self-portrait. Moreover, if you dig into it deep enough, you may learn how to make your pictures gain more traction from social networks and what style to choose in order to become the master of selfies.

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